“We found Ludmila 2 years ago when my daughter signed up for their art, music, and dance camp. We were very impressed by the instructors. All have degrees in their art and most have performed, or currently perform, professionally. Upon further investigation, we found Hedvika, the owner, keeps class sizes small so children have a more individualized lesson. My daughter is currently taking ballet/tap from Camerin, piano from Melody, and theater from Heather. I have even taking an adult class from my daughter’s dance instructor. Having a 4 year degree in dance and being a certified dance instructor myself, I appreciated Camerin’s level of expertise and highly recommend her along with the other instructors at Ludmila.“
- Shannon, Mooresville, NC

“When my daughter Anna turned 4, she began taking piano lessons at Ludmila Music and Art Academy. I have been extremely pleased with the level of professionalism of the teachers and the way my daughter continues to be motivated and to improve. Every recital confirms my choice as I listen to the amazing musicians being taught here.

So I was thrilled when Ms. Miller told me she would also begin offering dance classes! Anna took a free trial ballet and tap class with Miss Camerin, and we were both sold! She had such a great way of interacting with the children and making dancing (and exercising) fun. Anna is receiving the same high level of instruction in dance that she has been receiving in piano for the last 4 years.

I cannot recommend Ludmila European Performing Arts enough. We have now experienced piano, ballet/tap, hip hop, adult dance and music/art camp and would encourage anyone to entrust their child’s arts education to Ms. Miller and her instructors.“

- Peggy Reeds, Denver NC

“Both of our children are taking piano and music lessons from Ms. Miller. Our daughter began taking piano lessons at Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy. At the time, Hedvika was the music teacher there and we had heard extraordinary things about the piano students that she taught. Everyone was amazed by the complex and beautiful pieces that her students could play at such young ages. Our daughter begged me to cancel her lessons with our other teacher so that she could play the pieces that Ms. Miller’s students were playing. Within a few months of taking lessons with Ms. Miller, my daughter’s progress skyrocketed. Our family and neighbors couldn’t believe how well our daughter could play the piano at the age of five. She is now nine and playing Bach’s Invention No.1, among other pieces. Our son began lessons when he was almost five. After a little over 1 year, he is playing Sonatina. Like our daughter, he is playing pieces that are considered by other teachers to be advanced for his level. And he loves playing the piano! Hedvika’s drive, dedication, and passion for music resonates from her students. She doesn’t believe that her students have limitations, therefore they don’t.“
- Jennifer and Bruce Gibson, Indian Trail

“Our daughter Emily has been a student of Hedvika Miller’s for the last 7 years. Hedvika has kept Emily motivated and challenged and has guided her progression from the basics to the very difficult pieces she is playing today. Although she sets high expectations, Hedvika provides the necessary means to assure the success of her students. Her teaching methods have been equally effective at all age levels, and we feel fortunate to have her as Emily’s piano teacher.”
- Mike and Mary Andreoli, Huntersville

“Ms. Miller has been a private piano teacher to my two children for over four years. She taught them how to read music and additional music history and music theory. She has been instrumental in helping them reach their potential in piano and has incorporated in them appreciation and passion for music. She goes out of her way to arrange recitals and extra lessons whenever her private students need encouragement, as she cares deeply for her students. Now that my family and I have relocated to Colorado, my children are studying with a music professor at Colorado State University , who has remarked often on how strong a base they received from Hedvika . I feel she has made a significant impact on my children’s knowledge and love music.”
- Melissa Wdowik PhD, Fort Collins, Colorado

“Our son has been learning piano from Ms. Miller for the last five and a half years. Even though he had no prior musical training, Ms. Miller quickly helped him develop an interest in music and he really looks forward to his lessons with her. Her knowledge and expertise, along with her ability as a patient and great teacher has helped students of all ages learn and perform better. Ms Miller encourages her students to achieve their goals, and we would gladly recommend her to anyone who is interested in playing the piano.”
- Jyoti Shekhar , Charlotte

“My 8-year-old daughter has been taking piano lessons from Hedvika for one year and nine months. We are amazed at her ability to play difficult, classic songs and are pleased with her enthusiasm to continue to learn and practice. This is a direct result of Hedvika’s ability to motivate and challenge – while keeping it fun. Our 5-year-old daughter will be taking lessons this Fall.”
- Sherri Oosterhouse, Davidson