Music Classes

Music Class Descriptions

Piano Lessons

Students will learn music theory, reading musical notes, and proper hand techniques which are the foundation for learning to play any instrument. Beginner piano lessons start with learning the names of the keys and immediately playing simple songs from notes. I work with a variety of music books and sheet music that I have collected over the years. I evaluate each child and match the music to each child’s level of talent and sense for music. I usually start with Bastien Piano Basics and determine our path forward from there. Some students continue with the Bastian Basics, while some other students may be ready to start playing classical music pieces. Students are taught scales and hand technique exercises as soon as possible and this is always a regular part of our lessons. We play a variety of jazz and boogies for fun as well as contemporary music. An important part of our lesson is working on the songs which we will play in our recitals. Each musical piece is carefully selected and chosen after consulting with each student. It is very important that students like their music. I give them options and they pick what they like the most. Practice at home is required and I always encourage my students to reach their potential.

Singing Lessons (ages 6+)

These private lessons serve as a basic introduction to singing. While students of this age are too young to begin studying vocal technique, they will learn about the elements of basic vocal production which include; proper breathing, articulation, and vowel production—all while singing fun, easy songs. This is a great way to build self confidence and social poise. Materials include folk songs, Disney, and some choral music. These lessons provide a healthy foundation for beginning voice lessons (see below).

Voice Lessons (ages 12+)

Private lessons provide an introduction to classical vocal training with an emphasis on building healthy vocal technique. Exercises focus on basic principles of posture, breath production, articulation, and phonation. There will also be an introduction to singing in foreign languages. Materials include classical vocal selections as well as Broadway songs and some popular standards.

Guitar Lessons

The purpose of this course is to teach students proper hand techniques, and expose them to a variety of music such as classical, soft rock, and pop music. The course will start by hand exercises, scales, and introduction to notes, as well as tabs. I always try to challenge my students to inspire them to learn. I also try to pick out musical pieces they enjoy and the type of music they would like to focus on.

Classical Guitar Lessons

This course will offer students the opportunity to further refine their finger style techniques and teach the student how to read music for the guitar. This course will assist new students with basic skills on the guitar as well as prepare an advanced student for university level musical training. Basic music theory and songwriting/improvisational techniques will also be offered as part of this course.

Violin / Viola Lessons

Students will learn the techniques of playing the violin and viola. All students are taught to read and play music from notes. Classes are offered for individuals or groups (maximum 3 students).

Cello & Wind Instruments Lessons

Ludmila Academy is offering an mazing variety of private weekly lessons on strings, wind and keyboard instruments. Our instructors assist with audition preparation and supplementing school band and orchestra instruction.

Music History Classes

Students will learn about classical composers and art periods. We begin learing about the Renaissance period, continue through Baroque, Classical, Romantic, to the Contemporary period. Students are taught the evolution of music and to be able to recognize the differences between each period in music history. At the end of the semester, we focus on the contemporary period and talking about the history of jazz and pop music. The school provides all material including folders, sheets with information about composers, pictures, and CDs for listening to classical music. (maximum 7 students)

Singing-Guitar Combination Lessons - 1 Hr. (Ages 6+)

The purpose of this course is to teach students how to combine their talent of singing with playing the guitar. They will learn basic guitar and vocal technique as well as an introduction to theory, tabs, and the Nashville number system. Students will learn how to practice thinking in different directions at the same time. Students may bring their own selections from home to learn how to play and sing as well

Singing-Piano Combination Lessons - 1 Hr. (Ages 6+)

Learn to play and sing your own songs. These lessons will explore the basic fundamentals of both Piano technique and vocal production. Great preparation for voice or continuing piano lessons. Students will learn basic music theory and keyboard skills s well as healthy vocal production and aural skills.