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Ellina Veres
Ellina was raised and professionally trained in the Russian Federation in all forms of dance. From the age of 3, she was first introduced to the essentials of dance through Russian Ballet and Rhythmic Gymnastics.  By the age of 9, she attended a professional dance academy, where she began more intensive training for the next 5 years in various dance forms such as Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Latin, Folk, and Character Dancing.

She became very passionate about dance and decided to further her education at the local university in Stavropol, Russia. But at the age of 16, she relocated to the United States (Charlotte, NC). Shortly thereafter, she attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she received her Bachelor’s of Art in Dance. While pursuing her degree at UNCC, as well as after she graduated, Ellina continuously trained with many nationally recognized coaches, specializing in various dance genres.

Thanks to her many years of dance training, Ellina has developed a strong passion for this art form.  She loves to share her passion through teaching, coaching, and choreographing for local pre-k, youth, and adult dance studios around the Charlotte Metro area.


My name is Malia and I have been dancing for eighteen years. I am proficient in all styles of dance and I have danced competitively. I have taught multiple ages in all genres of dance since 2013. For four years, I was part of the Campbell University dance team and my senior year I was captain. I am Zumba certified and recently taught a workout fitness class called “Hip-hop fitness.” I’m excited to be a part of Ludmila European Art and Music Academy!

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